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Leading blockchain cybersecurity firm AnChain.AI has appointed top compliance investigator, Felix Lomahan, from Signature Bank, New York, as their Compliance Officer & Principal Cryptocurrency Investigator. He previously served as the officer of the Financial Intelligence Unit at Signature Bank, NYC.

As cryptocurrencies and DeFi continue to push further into the mainstream, reaching a $2 Trillion market cap in 2021, the demand for AML / KYC compliance for cryptocurrencies, crypto wallets, and digital assets has never been so critical.

With more than 14 years of experience as a compliance expert, Lomahan has extensive knowledge in multiple compliance areas, including the cryptocurrency/blockchain industry. His vision for the future of crypto compliance is to ensure security for all stakeholders.

In his previous role, Lomahan was responsible for onboarding and vetting over 200 digital asset and blockchain companies to comply with complex domestic and global regulatory requirements and ensure compliance policy.

“I’m very excited for my leadership role at Anchain.AI,” Lomahan said. “I share the same mission with Anchain.AI, which is to provide transparency and establish a common knowledge of trust surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrencies so that all stakeholders can freely integrate with the next iteration of global technological infrastructure.”

AnChain.AI aims to lead the industry in regulatory compliance by combining Mr. Lomahan’s expertise with AnChain.AI’s proprietary AI machine-learning enabled tools. Our goal is to protect U.S. and international institutions from regulatory liability as this landscape continues to evolve.

In addition to his knowledge of crypto compliance, Lomahan’s investigative prowess will help AnChain.AI democratize blockchain investigation. Lomahan’s previous experience conducting high-level investigations involving cryptocurrency transactions with links to ransomware, fraud, hacking, and other illicit activities, will be an asset to allow AnChain.AI to respond to issues in real-time.

Lomahan continued, “I plan to leverage my compliance knowledge to help Anchain.AI’s existing and future clients to navigate and comply with domestic and global regulations. The crypto domain is a bit of a wild west right now, in terms of holding accountable those responsible for hacks and frauds. The ability to investigate these instances and connect bad actors to real-world entities ensures security for all.”

Mr. Lomahan will be attending ACAMS 20th Annual AML & Financial Crime Conference in Las Vegas from September 27–29, 2021. AnChain.AI will have an exhibit present at the conference, the largest annual gathering of Anti Money Laundering and financial crime professionals. Schedule your meeting with Mr. Felix Lomahan at the ACAMS Conference at :

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