NFT Twitter Map Part 2: Top NFT Twitter Communities and Accounts Q2 2022

Even as reports of a frigid crypto winter dominate the headlines, one would hardly be able to tell…
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Introducing OFAC Search: Protecting Your Business from the $20 Million Fallout of

Last week, the Justice Department launched its first criminal prosecution involving the alleged use of cryptocurrency to evade…

Who’s part of the Web3 Million Dollar Club? Blockchain and Twitter Data Mashup

Cryptocurrency reached all-time heights in 2021, achieving daily trading volumes of over $500 Billion at its peak, and…
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NFT Digital Assets With Bank-Grade Cloud Security using AWS KMS

Authors: Chris De Leon, Dylan Zhou, Victor Fang from AnChain.AI San Francisco, CA. June 28, 2021 Non-fungible tokens…

NFT Twitter Visualized: Deep Dive Into the World of NFT Twitter and ENS Domains

We took a look at how communities from AnChain.AI’s NFT Twitter map fare when compared to actual token…
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A New Spin on a $30 Billion Scam For Just $100/month

The $100/month subscription service that hit Coinbase, Robinhood, users with a tidal wave of ‘Scam-as-a-Service’ botcalls
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NFT Twitter Visualized: 1,597 Stars in the Web3 Sky

We mapped the NFT Twitter community, and here’s what we learned about community structure and influence. Where do…
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The $320 Million Mystery: How is Solana Wormhole hacker linked to Bored Apes Yacht Club NFT?

So what happened, and what did the Solana Wormhole hacker do with their ill-gotten gains after scoring over…
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NFT Digital Assets With Bank-Grade Cloud Security using AWS KMS

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are the most recent and, perhaps, the most rapidly adopted digital asset enabled by blockchain…

How does DarkSide ransomware make $10+ million, shut down the Colonial pipeline, and hide its trace?

How to hack $10+ millions bitcoins without being arrested?! San Francisco, CA. May 18, 2021 AnChain.AI, a San…

What exactly is a VASP, anyway?

Companies that are considered Virtual Asset Service Providers are subject to all of the regulatory scrutiny that traditional…