AI Powered Blockchain EcoSystem Security Detected the 1st Blockchain APT Hacker Group in History

* This image was created by AnChain's SAP engine from 2 million transactions


Situational Awareness Platform (SAP)

  • Knowledge Graph connecting dots in all blockchain transactions
  • AI driven correlation engine with Blockchain Threat Intelligence
  • Advanced Machine Learning model to detect malicious data patterns
  • Dashboard for crypto-assets, Forensic analysis and incident response

Smart Contract Auditing Platform (CAP)

  • Democratizing smart contract auditing, FREE
  • Scan and identify all known vulnerabilities, e.g. re-entrancy (DAO 2016), overflow (BEC 2018)
  • Fully automated, fast scanning, accessible in the cloud
  • Connecting to professional auditing experts

Blockchain Threat Intelligence (BTI)

  • Latest Threats to Endpoints and the Blockchain
  • Threat prioritization
  • Case analysis
  • Protection measures discussion and guidance

OUR TEAM is based in Silicon Valley. Our team comes from top tier Cyber Security, Big Data, Cloud Computing industries.

We have expertise in APT Detection, Fraud Detection, AI and Machine Learning, Knowledge Graph and Threat Intelligence.

Blockchain APT (BAPT) hackers take a coordinated approach. The Blockchain security industry should also collaborate and protect this futuristic decentralized infrastructure.



“ has uncovered a new class of coordinated threat they are calling “Blockchain Advanced Persistent Threats” or BAPT. They are turning research into software to scale out the discovery processes across crypto-currency ecosystems.”

Richard Seiersen

CISO and author of “How to Measure Anything in Cybersecurity Risk”

"Blockchain systems are quite vulnerable currently, and flaws in Blockchain smart contracts can be especially disastrous as the contracts determine who owns crypto assets. With the strong expertise in traditional software security, data science,  and in-depth understanding of Blockchain technology, AnChain's team brings great value to the Blockchain security."

Hao Chen

Former CTO of HBUS Exchange

" means visibility at every step of the transaction, from secure contracts to transaction trends and monitoring. As reported by Forbes in Oct 2018, AnChain's AI is recognized to detect and even predict threats on blockchain. Remarkable."

Rod Soto

Hacker. Blackhat speaker. Crypto expert since 2010



Anchain values self-motivation, intelligence and teamwork. We hire smart, well-rounded people who thrive in a fast-paced, startup environment.

We are always looking for talented people to add to our team. If you are interested in joining us then send us your resume, even if you do not think you are an exact fit for any of the available positions listed. 

Work on Blockchain, “Next Big Transformational Technology”

Work with smart, passionate people on interesting and challenging problems

Enjoy a fun startup environment

We offer competitive salaries, health, dental, stock options and performance rewards

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Senior Solidity Developer (US-based)

Security Researcher (US-based)

Blockchain Engineer (China-based)

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